Bio Tropical Coconut Cooking Oil 2 Litre


Biotropical Coconut Cooking Oil 2 Liter

Great use as Cooking Oil. 0% Cholestrol and will not readily stored as fat.

√ No trans-fat
√ A cholesterol free food
√ Suitable for deep fying
√ Neutral flavour and smell
√ Same MCFAs / MCTs content as virgin coconut oil!

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Biotropical Cooking Oil is made from 100% pure-mature coconut. Our coconut oil is Non Hydrogenation, Trans Fat Free . It’s also suitable for Vegan ! Biotropical Coconut cooking oil is rich in “SATURATED FATS”. Major portion ( 65% ) of Saturated Fats fall into group of MCT ranging from C6 – C12 and the main MCT is Lauric Acid.
In mother’s milk which contain of largely Lauric Acid , is the important nutrient and anti-microbial compounds for the growth of health baby. Same as mother’s breast milk , Lauric Acid in coconut oil possess the important nutrients which needed for human health.


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