Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Health And Beauty

There are a lot of things we can change in our lives to live a more healthy and happy life. One of them is by using virgin coconut oil in Malaysia.

Some people may have heard of this, but the majority would probably have only heard of regular coconut oil. 

In this article, we will explain all about virgin coconut oil and the benefits it can give you. We will also discuss how it differs from regular coconut oil.

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What Is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil is oil that is extracted from a single press from fresh coconut meat that is grated. It is then dried for a few hours at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius.

Virgin coconut oil is more expensive as the yield per kg is much lower than other commercially used processes which equals to better quality.

This is because there is a lower chance of the coconut oil turning rancid compared to the regular type of processing. 

The coconut flavour will also not evaporate as the temperature used to make virgin coconut oil is lower than 40 degrees. The whole process only takes about a couple of hours to finish.

One way you can recognise virgin coconut oil is that it has the aroma of fresh coconuts.

virgin coconut oil malaysia

Difference Between Virgin Coconut Oil and The Regular Coconut Oil

In this section, we will explain to you how virgin coconut oil is different to regular coconut oil.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest differences between the two is how it is processed and made.

Virgin coconut oil in Malaysia is extracted from a single press from fresh coconut meat using a cold process which we explained in the earlier section.

This helps maintain all the natural components as well as the fresh aroma that coconuts have.

The process to make regular coconut oil is different. It is made from ‘copra’ which is dried coconut kernel. It is pressed while the extracted oil is refined, bleached and decolourized.

It makes it become edible however one drawback of this method is that all the natural values are lost.

Both these oils also have a slight colour difference. Regular coconut oil has more colour compared to virgin coconut oil.

Furthermore, the contents are also different for these two types of oils.  Virgin coconut oil is healthier due to the natural values it contains compared to regular coconut oil.

It contains medium-chain fatty acids and also good cholesterol which is very good for the body. 

In comparison, regular coconut oil has trans-fat which can raise bad cholesterol and is very unhealthy.

virgin coconut oil malaysia

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

We will now give you some reasons on why virgin coconut oil is great for your health and also beauty needs.

1. A Great Make-Up Remover

This is a very interesting and helpful tip for those who like wearing makeup. Virgin coconut oil can act as a natural make-up remover!

All you have to do is massage it onto your face and the make-up will be removed instantly. This can save you a lot of time compared to using remover wipes.

Note that not all skin types are suitable for coconut oil. It is best that you check earlier on to see if your skin can tolerate. 

2. Acts As A Moisturizer And Conditioner

Another great beauty benefit of using virgin coconut oil in Malaysia is that it can also work as a natural moisturizer and conditioner.

This is especially helpful for those who have dry skin. Just apply it on your skin whenever your skin starts to get dry. It can also be used as a conditioner for your hair.

This is great to protect your hair from damage such as from the sunlight as it can get very hot here in Malaysia. Virgin coconut oil can help you through this.

3. Can Help Heal Sunburns 

Speaking about the heat here in Malaysia, sunburn is very common among the people here. Therefore, you should have some type of protection or oil when you are sunburned.

Virgin coconut oil can help heal your skin. Once you apply it on the area, the oil will absorb the heat and keep your skin hydrated. 

This will keep your skin moisturized and can help prevent further damage to your skin.

virgin coconut oil Malaysia

4. Can Be A Great Addition To Your Meals

As we explained earlier, virgin coconut oil has many natural components that are beneficial to the body. Due to that, it is a great addition to your meals.

You can add it to your daily coffee or tea each morning and the benefits will soon show. Aside from that, you can also use virgin coconut cooking oil.

This way, all the meals that you cook will contain the natural components and can help make your meal healthier!

5. Can Be Used As Shaving Cream

One of the most frustrating things about shaving is that your shaved area will be red, bumpy and also itchy. 

If you use virgin coconut oil as the shaving cream, it can help reduce these unfortunate situations and keeps your skin nourished and moisturized. 

It will also help prevent chemicals clogging on your skin which some shaving creams do.

virgin coconut oil Malaysia

In conclusion, using virgin coconut oil in Malaysia will bring you many benefits. You can use this article as a guide when thinking of switching to virgin coconut oil.

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