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6 Best Cooking Coconut Oil in Malaysia You Should Try Today

Staying healthy is a goal that everyone should aim for. There are many ways that we can achieve this such as switching from regular cooking oil to using cooking coconut oil in Malaysia.

This step can have huge benefits to you as there are a lot of differences between coconut oil and the normal oil that we are so used to using.

In this article, we will suggest 6 cooking coconut oils that you can purchase in Malaysia to start your healthy lifestyle.

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6 Best Cooking Coconut Oil in Malaysia You Should Try Today


1. Biotropical Coconut Cooking Oil 1KG

coconut cooking oil Malaysia

The first coconut cooking in Malaysia that we recommend is coconut cooking oil from Biotropical. It is unique as it is made from 100% pure-mature coconut.

This coconut oil is great as it contains no trans-fat and is free from cholesterol.

It is also suitable for vegans and has a neutral flavour and smell which makes it very suitable for deep frying. 

Another big benefit of Biotropical coconut cooking oil is that it has the same medium-chain fatty acid as (MCFAs) and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) content as virgin coconut oil.

The main MCT in this coconut oil is lauric acid. Why is this good?

Lauric acid is also an important component in breast milk. It has an anti-microbial compound which aids in the growth of a healthy baby.

This shows that this coconut oil is good and can help you in your journey to be healthy. 

Due to the reasons above, we believe that this coconut cooking oil is the best in Malaysia you can purchase.


2. Radiant Cooking Coconut Oil

Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia

The second in the list of coconut oil in Malaysia is Radiant Whole Food. This oil is processed using the organically approved methods of physical extraction and refining

It is a product from the Philippines and can only be found through Radian Whole Food.

It is suitable for cooking with high heat through baking or frying. As it has no coconut smell or taste, this makes it suitable for bread and cake making.


3. MEDELLA Coconut Cooking Oil

Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia

Medella comes as a natural cooking oil with no added chemicals, solvents or additives. It also contains no trans-fats like the previous one.

This oil is also suitable for deep-heat cooking, frying and baking with neutral flavour and aroma. This is neutralised via filtering, no chemical processes or additives involved.

If you prefer cooking with coconut oil, this is a good choice. You can opt for delivery or self-pickup for this oil.


4. Kokonut Coconut Cooking Oil 1l Malaysia KV

Coconut Cooking Oil Malaysia

Next is coconut cooking oil from Zenxin Organic Food. It is only sold in Klang Valley if you are interested in purchasing this.

It is natural and also does not have any coconut scent or taste which makes it suitable for dishes as it will not alter the taste.

This is another great choice for you if you are looking to add a healthy twist to your meals.


5. RASAKU Coconut Cooking Oil

The next cooking coconut oil in Malaysia that you can purchase is Rasaku Coconut Cooking Oil. It is cholesterol-free and also has 0% trans-fat.

It also has no preservatives as it is natural. It is suitable for all types of cooking and can also be used in high or medium heat.

This cooking oil expires 2 years from its production date.


6. Love Earth Organic Cooking Coconut Oil 1L

Like the previous recommendations,  Love Earth is also suitable for high heat and deep-frying.

It is sugar-free and helps in digestion. It can help reduce cholesterol in your system.

It contains no trans-fat and is rich in Lauric Acid with antibacterial properties. This makes it very healthy and suitable for those who are looking to start a diet.

How To Choose The Best Cooking Coconut Oil?

If you are interested in buying cooking coconut in Malaysia, there are some steps that you can follow to ensure that you buy the best one.

  • Choose coconut oil that is suitable for high temperature
  • Buy coconut cooking oil that is 100% natural
  • Survey and compare the choices to see the ingredients
  • Look for coconut cooking oil that contains the same MCFAs / MCTs as virgin coconut oil

If you remember these tips when surveying for cooking coconut oil in Malaysia, it will allow you to get the best deal and also help you choose the healthiest one.

In conclusion, using cooking coconut oil in Malaysia is very helpful for you if you are looking to start a healthier lifestyle due to the benefits that it brings. 

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